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Health Ranger Report: A Light for All on Non Mainstream Health Information

In today’s digital age where virtually all the information is available at the fingertips, it can be problematic to search and obtain accurate health news. Another misleading name that has attracted a lot of attention with regard to alternative health is the Health Ranger Report While it is usually radical in its approach to the reporting of health issues this service has gained a lot of following especially among those who wish more than just the ordinary reporting of health issues.

Understanding where the Health Ranger Report came from

The Health Ranger Report was started by Mike Adams, an author, and activist for natural health and healing. Adams, who is also known as the “Health Ranger,” created the site to present a competing view on health care news that frequently opposes mainstream medical procedures and drug companies. In as much as he has been groomed with a scientific background in environmental science and technology, his perception to health issues is inclined towards natural ways and wholistic health principles.

Content and Focus

The topics Heath Ranger Report mostly publishes includes nutrition, natural cures, toxin exposure, and commentary on modern healthcare. They provide articles, cast episodes, and videos concerning topics such as why one should consume organic food, which chemicals are dangerous, and why it is vital to have a healthy diet.

Another significant feature that comes with the Health Ranger Report is the natural form of journalism. Usually, Adams and his team do extensive research and present information and statistics of clinical procedures that may be dangerous and ineffective. For example, they have annual written articles on the possible hazard from vaccines, GMOs and fluoridation of water among other topics.

Controversies and Criticisms

As with any delineate audience opinion, the Health Ranger Report happens to be fairly popular while at the same time receiving a large share of criticism too. In other cases, adversaries of natural healing and other purported chemistry assisted procedures, such as Adams and his team post, contend that, sometimes, their information is marginal and less scientifically proven. Some of the articles are deemed to promote falsehoods and spread fear that may hurt users by discouraging them from adhering to sound health advice.

The belief system has particularly attracted controversy concerning vaccines and what the platform promotes or opposes. This is especially because the Health Ranger Report often covers possible negative outcomes of vaccinations, which many have claimed is advocating against immunization. The experts in public health say that the messages of this nature is an influential in promoting the vaccine hesitance which can be dangerous for the communities’ health.

The presentation is the Appeal of the Health Ranger Report.

Nevertheless, the Health Ranger Report continues to attract an audience who question the credibility of the conventional media and medicine. The appeal of the concept is in its message of self-ownership of one’s health and its rebelliousness. To many, the findings of the Report on natural health and environmental consciousness are well-understood and familiar.

His/her communication approach in writing/advertising and ability to present controversial topics also grabs the readers’ attention. Because he is not afraid to speak about things that are not generally approved and he is very passionate about natural health that makes the content quite engaging and unique in the time when media offers of boring repetitive programs and shows.


What is more, the Health Ranger Report can be viewed as an interesting phenomenon within the context of the contemporary health journalism. Although, it stands as an information mine and a voice for many organizations and individuals, it is not without controversies and criticisms from the medical fraternity. As it is the case with any given piece of news, the viewers are encourage to self-skeptisim, and checking the postulates of the Health Ranger Report with other reputable sources.

In the present world where health information is readily available within the tips of our fingers, the Health Ranger Report is a gentle knock on the head to stop over trusting, to stop gorging on information and to start actively seeking and finding out all that is credible and necessary concerning our health.

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